SdPaint is a simple Stable Diffusion painting python script, the user can draw on the canvas, and send each stroke of the image to the automatic1111 API, and update the canvas when the image is generated.


Run the Start.bat file, it will create a venv and install some packages


  • Make sure to run the automatic1111 webui in API mode in the background with the controlnet extension installed and activated.
  • To start the webui with the API enabled, modify the webui-user.bat file by typing in set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= add after --api
  • Need to make sure the “Allow other scripts to control this extension” option is enabled in the settings controlling the network
  • The payload.json file can be modified for different hints, seeds, or different controlnet models.
  • When saving the json file, the program will use it after the next brush stroke.
  • In extra folders, you may have different controlnet model names
  • Put this part in Payload.json "control_sd15_scribble [fef5e48e]", Replace with a different part from modelnames.txt
  • Left mouse button draws, middle mouse button erases, backspace erases image
  • The program is now bound to a 512×512 image, which can be saved by pressing the S key.

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