Recently, the openKylin community landed on the Feiteng developer platform and launched the first joint technology section – openKylin zone.

The openKylin zone is a technology zone jointly created by the openKylin community and the Feiteng developer platform on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration, relying on the technical strength and open thinking of both parties, and through open and open source cooperation. The main purpose is to rely on Advantages of the PK system, sharing ecological resources, establishing an ecologically compatible and efficient cooperation method for software and hardware, and promoting the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and software and hardware ecology.

The openKylin zone contains two parts: open source components and documents. The open source component part focuses on the UKUI project, a lightweight desktop environment based on a Linux distribution developed and maintained by the openKylin community. This project is mainly developed using the Qt language and is now used by default in the openKylin open source operating system and Galaxy Kylin commercial distribution. version. The majority of developers can directly access the UKUI project community and Gitee platform on the Feiteng developer platform, learn about the first-hand resources and latest technologies about the UKUI project, and participate in community SIG groups, project development, discussion and learning.

The documentation part is mainly a development and tuning manual written by the openKylin community for different instruction sets and operating system characteristics. Developers who register for a Phytium enterprise account can download relevant source code patches on the Phytium developer platform, and view and download technical documents. The “openKylin Individual Developer Participation Guide” in the document uses vivid language to help developers unlock new ways to participate in the community. Enterprises, employees, and individual developers can sign the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) after review and approval. The workflow submits contributions in the community, and developers who are willing to participate in community construction can apply to join the corresponding SIG (Special Interest Group).

In the future, the openKylin community will continue to cooperate with the Feiteng developer platform to implement the progressive goal of “industrial ecological openness and cooperation”. Developers and partners collaborate to innovate, deepen the application of open source technology, build a unified and integrated software and hardware ecosystem, and create a prosperous ecosystem with software and hardware synergy and multi-ecological compatibility.

The openKylin (Open Kylin) community aims to take “co-creation” as the core, on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration, to build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open source and open way, and to jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community. Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

The first batch of council member units in the community include Kylin Software, Puhua Basic Software, Zhongke Fangde, Kylin Principal, Meditation Software, Yiming Software, ZTE New Fulcrum, Yuanxin Technology, China Electronics 32, Jide System, Beijing Lin Zhuo, Advanced Operating System Innovation Center and other 13 industry colleagues and industry organizations.

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