If you are a beginner and asking yourself:

– What is WordPress?
– How does WordPress work?
– Why should I use it for my website?

We’re going to cover the basics of how WordPress works and why it’s the best option to manage a professional blog or business website.

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One big distinction is WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org. WordPress.com is where they host it for you (and you actually get a limited version of WP). WordPress.org is where you can download directly, and install WP on any web host you’d like.

You’ll also get a peek into the WordPress directory structure and the PHP template hierarchy that builds your design from your installed theme.

WordPress is a content management system that is run with PHP code and a MySQL database.

The best part? It’s free to use & open source, so you can edit & customize however you’d like.

The tradeoff for this limitless capability is the learning curve, which is a bit higher than other website builders.

Most web hosting companies offer 1-click WordPress installation, making the process simple to begin.

From there, you work with themes and plugins that are created by thousands of developers across the world to build your design and functionality.

While WordPress is free to use and there are plenty of free themes/plugins, it’s often a good idea to look at premium themes/plugins if you want a better design along with customer support.

One of my favorites is Divi by Elegant Themes because they allow you to design visually. Check them out from the link below.

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Themes are built with PHP files and if you’re a curious person or web developer, you’ll probably be interested in how it works. Check out this page that explains the template hierarchy:

WordPress is the best choice 90% of the time if you’re looking to make a blog or website.

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