dbVisitor is a full-featured database access ORM tool that provides object mapping, rich type processing, dynamic SQL, stored procedures, built-in paging dialect 20+, supports nested transactions, multiple data sources, conditional constructors, INSERT strategies, multiple statements/ Multiple results. And compatible with Spring and MyBatis usage. It does not depend on any other framework, so it can be easily integrated with any framework.



  • Added Page interface to add methods, you can set the total number of records, whether to return the total number of records, etc.
  • Added table information description to provide support for automatic table creation. @TableDescription, @ColumnDescription annotations, corresponding dtd/xsd also add corresponding attributes
  • Added FakerMonitor statistics, ignoreCounter is used to count ignored items
  • Added resultType support for Map subclass objects
  • Added JsonTypeHandler to handle jsonized TypeHandler
  • Added PostgreSqlDialect dialect to support InsertSqlDialect interface
  • Optimize Page query, if totalCount is greater than 0, totalCount query will be skipped unless refreshTotalCount is clearly called
  • Optimize the implementation of MySqlDialect dialect, the generated catalog/schema parameters of tableName can be used to define the database name, and the priority of catalog is higher
  • Optimize JdbcTemplate to print exception log to support printStmtError attribute
  • Optimize log printing under Lambda Use the PreparedStatementCreatorWrap type to wrap anonymous classes and provide the implementation of SqlProvider. Can print out SQL when printing logs
  • Optimize the naming method of the BaseMapper interface method to learn from MyBatisPlus, making it easier to upgrade from MyBatisPlus to dbVisitor
  • Optimized the process of creating a TypeHandler, and now supports carrying a constructor with a Type parameter
  • Optimize the method name reduction of InsertSqlDialect interface
  • Fix the problem of TableDef null pointer exception,
  • Fix the problem that Faker handles the dateType type being specified as String when generating the SQL SERVER DATETIMEOFFSET type
  • Fix the typo of MySqlDialect upsert
  • Fix the reverse writing of the maximum value and the default value in the oracle-widely.tpc safeMaxLength function
  • Fix InsertExecute executeSumResult method -2 is also normal when calculating the batch return value

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