Industry-leading IAM-IDaas identity management and authentication products

MaxKeySingle sign-on authentication system, the homonym of Marx’s key means the biggest key, yesIndustry-leading IAM-IDaas identity management and authentication products,Support OAuth 2.x/OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, JWT, CAS, SCIM and other standard protocols, providingSecurity, Standards and OpennessUser identity management (IDM), identity authentication (AM), single sign-on (SSO), RBAC authority management and resource management, etc.; open source, safe, autonomous and controllable.

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1. Standard protocol

serial number protocol support
1.1 OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect high
1.2 SAML 2.0 high
1.3 JWT high
1.4 CAS high
1.5 SCIM 2.0 high
1.6 FormBased middle
1.7 TokenBased(Post/Cookie) middle
1.8 ExtendApi Low
1.9 EXT Low

2. Login support

serial number Login Method
2.1 Dynamic Captcha Alphabet/Number/Arithmetic
2.2 two-factor authentication
2.3 SMS Authentication Tencent Cloud SMS/Alibaba Cloud SMS/Netease Cloud Letter
2.4 Login Easy/Google/Microsoft Authenticator/FreeOTP/support TOTP or HOTP
2.5 Kerberos/SPNEGO/AD domain
2.6 OpenLDAP/ActiveDirectory/Standard LDAP server
2.7 Social accounts WeChat/QQ/Weibo/DingTalk/Google/Facebook/Others
2.8 Scan QR code to log in Enterprise WeChat/DingTalk/Feishu Scan QR code to log in

3. Provide a standard authentication interface to facilitate the integration of other applications with SSO, secure mobile access, secure API, third-party authentication and Internet authentication.

4. Provide user life cycle management, support SCIM 2 protocol; out-of-the-box connector (Connector) realizes identity supply synchronization.

5. Simplify Microsoft Active Directory domain control, standard LDAP server organization and account management, password self-service reset password.

6.IDaas multi-tenant function supports independent management of multiple enterprises under the group or data isolation of different departments under the enterprise, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

7. The certification center has platform independence and environmental diversity, supports Web, mobile phones, mobile devices, etc., such as Apple iOS, Andriod, etc., and fully covers the certification capabilities from B/S to mobile applications.

8. Based on the Java EE platform and micro-service architecture, it adopts open source technologies such as Spring, MySQL, Tomcat, Redis, and MQ, and has strong scalability.

9. Open source, safe, self-controllable, Apache 2.0 License &MaxKey copyright statement.

Current version network disk download, historical version

Version date Network disk (extraction code) Docker
v3.5.16 2023/03/23 download( mxk9 ) Link

MaxKey v 3.5.16 GA 2023/03/23

    *(MAXKEY-230401) 从请求中解析token令牌信息1) 参数 access_token 2) header 的Authorization 3) 参数 token 。
    *(MAXKEY-230402) 企业微信文本注释
    *(MAXKEY-230403) 1、应用列表新增分类 2、密码修改新增强度说明 3、忘记密码页新增强度说明 4、登录失败无提示的功能修复
    *(MAXKEY-230404) 登录失败无提示的功能修复
    *(MAXKEY-230405) 发送邮件失败异常拦截
    *(MAXKEY-230406) 密码强度定义描述说明更新
    *(MAXKEY-230407) 原密码错误都能修改密码的问题修复
    *(MAXKEY-230408) 新增密码强度
    *(MAXKEY-230409) 官方网站迁移到国内
    *(MAXKEY-230410) 新增jeesite & maxkey 集成案例
    *(MAXKEY-230411) cas springboot demo
    *(MAXKEY-230412) 接口文档优化swagger with knife4j
    *(MAXKEY-230413)【新增】integrations新增Spring Security OAuth MaxKey SSO
    *(MAXKEY-230414) AuthorizationHeaderCredential rename to AuthorizationHeader
    *(MAXKEY-230415) 接口优化,请求参数access_token , header Authorization , token
    *(MAXKEY-230416) 网站帮助文档优化
    *(MAXKEY-230417) 新建integrations目录,存放与maxkey集成的案例和Demo
    *(MAXKEY-230418) 依赖项引用、更新和升级
        spring              5.3.26
        springBoot          2.7.9
        springSecurity      5.7.7
        mybatis             3.5.12
        swaggerV3           2.2.8
        classgraph          4.8.137
        webjarslocatorcore  0.48
        webjarslocator      0.42
        swaggerui           4.11.1
        springdoc           1.6.15
        knife4j             4.0.0

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