Introduction to LiteFlow

LiteFlow is an open source orchestration rule engine that allows you to arrange the logic of your system arbitrarily. You can choose to write logic in scripts, support up to 5 scripting languages, and support rich third-party storage support. All logic and rules can be hot changed . Artifacts for designing systems and refactoring systems.

LiteFlow is an excellent community-driven open source project in China. It has been open source for more than 2 years and has been applied to the core system by major companies. Features and support are very good.

If you know this project for the first time, you can go to the official website or related homepage to learn more:

Project official website:

gitee managed warehouse:

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Introduction to v2.10.1

Some time ago we just released the major version 2.10.0 of LiteFlow. Many features and code optimizations have been added in this version.

We are now rolling out a small version upgrade non-stop: 2.10.1.

In fact, 2.10.0 is very stable. The latest version 2.10.1 is mainly to add a new scripting language extension Aviator and support the nested loop enhancement of loop expressions.

Support for Aviator scripting language

First introduce the Aviator.

Aviator is a very good open source framework for domestic expression engines. The document is detailed and the performance is excellent. The entire parsing process can be scanned up to 2 times, which ensures that its performance surpasses most interpreted expression engines. The whole is very lightweight. Even if it is developed to the current version 5.3, the size of the entire jar package is only 600k.

In the community, I hear that people want to support Aviator as a scripting language. LiteFlow has always been very comprehensive in terms of script support. Since many people are using Aviator, LiteFlow simply supports it together.

Starting from 2.10.1, community members can use Aviator scripts in LiteFlow. For details on how to depend on and precautions, please see the chapter on scripts in the official documentation.

Nested loop expressions

Previous versions of LiteFlow introduced circular expressions, which mainly includeFOR,WHILEand the iterative expressionITERATORloop nesting was not supported before.

The new version supports nested enhancements for loop expressions. Everyone can go and have a try.

the rest of the updates

In version 2.10.1, we have carried out a unified plug-in formatting process for all codes, and fixed the bug that the mixed use of multiple scripts does not work in SQL. Optimized the core code of the script.

Full list of updates

特性 #I6O380 支持aviator的脚本语言

增强 #I6P8F8 支持循环表达式的嵌套循环

增强 #I6O2YE 外置存储支持多脚本混合调用

增强 #I6OBZY 增加代码格式化插件,统一代码风格

Support and Sponsor LiteFlow

It is not easy to open source a project and stick to it for 2 years, so I also need a little sponsorship to recharge myself. If you have confidence in the LiteFlow project and are willing to support me, you can first click on the official website给LiteFlow发电button.

But regardless of whether you choose to sponsor or not, I will still try to solve your problems in the community as much as possible.

How to join the group

LiteFlow’s community group has more than 2,500 people. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the group.

For how to add groups, please refer to:

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