last week we reported Rust front-end project for GCC“gccrs”Has beenapproveMerged into GCC mainline, all yesterdayThe “gccrs” code has all been merged into the GCC 13 upstream codebase. If all goes well, “gccrs” will probably be released in a stable state in GCC 13.1 in March-April next year.

According to reports, the GCC Rust patch was rewritten based on the upstream GNU Compiler Collection code base, and set up a layout skeleton for the new front end, and also provided an initial target hook for i386 and ARM, and then began to lay out the front end code. Additionally, the GCC compiler supports a far greater number of targets than the standard Rust compiler.

Support for these targets can be better achieved by integrating GCC into rustc as a backend. In addition to LLVM, rustc master has in-development backends for Cranelift (faster debug compilation) and GCC (access to architectures that don’t support LLVM).

While this GCC Rust frontend has been merged, it’s important to note that this is still very early for the codebase. And not all Rust code compiles, for example the borrow checker is not yet implemented, and many other features are yet to be implemented.

Of course, this is a nice milestone for those who want the GNU compiler to support Rust, which is also an alternative implementation of the official rustc compiler based on LLVM.

All gccrs code is available in GCC Git.

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