In order to promote the transparent operation of the community and allow everyone to better participate in community communication and decision-making, the openKylin community has established a dedicated mailing list for each SIG group. By subscribing to the mailing list, you can get the latest developments of the various SIG groups in the community, and participate in the discussion by replying to the mail.

Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to the functions and usage of the openKylin mailing list~

1. Purpose of the openKylin mailing list

1. The mailing list is strongly bound to each SIG group, which is a bridge between you and the SIG group;

2. The meeting notices and meeting minutes of each SIG group will be notified to everyone by email, and they will be archived in a unified manner;

3. The important decisions and follow-up plans of each SIG group will be synchronized to everyone in the form of emails through the mailing list;

4. All members of the SIG group can be convened to discuss issues through the mailing list, and the discussion results will be recorded in the form of emails and distributed to all members.

2. How to subscribe to the openKylin mailing list

1. First, enter, which shows the mailing list addresses of all SIG groups in the openKylin community, as shown below:

2. Click the corresponding mailing list address to enter the details page. After filling in the relevant information in the form, click the “Subscribe” button below to receive the relevant subscription confirmation notification. The following takes the docs mailing list as an example:

3. Next, you will receive an email notification of the relevant mailing list subscription confirmation. The content of the received email is as shown below:

If you have not received the email, please check for the failure to receive community emails, or feedback questions tocontact@openkylin.topOfficial email.

4. According to the email prompt, you can choose to reply to the email with the verification information or send it to the specified email address (take docs as an example, that is,, the following figure uses the reply email as the verification method. The screenshot of the specific content is as follows:

5. After replying to the email, you will receive a welcome email for joining the mailing list, as shown in the figure below, if you do not receive it, please send an email to the email administrator (the format is:List name – own@lists.openkylin.topas the administrator of the docs mailing list After joining the mailing list, subsequent important decisions such as meeting notices and meeting minutes of the SIG group will be synchronized to your mailbox.

So far, this mailing list subscription is complete~

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