Chuanhu ChatGPT provides a light and easy-to-use web GUI for ChatGPT API.


  • Support real-time display of answers

  • Can retry the conversation and let ChatGPT answer it again

  • Optimize Tokens occupancy and support longer conversations

  • System Prompt template function, which can effectively set preconditions

  • Save/load conversation history

  • Add API key in GUI

  • Real-time display of Tokens usage.


  • Preconditions can be effectively set using System Prompt.
  • When using the prompt template function, select the prompt template collection file, and then select the desired prompt from the drop-down menu.
  • If the answer is not satisfactory, you can use重新生成button try again
  • For long conversations, you can use优化Tokensbutton to reduce Tokens occupation.
  • The input box supports line breaks, pressshift enterThat’s it.
  • Deploy to the server: Change the last sentence of the program todemo.launch(server_name="", server_port=<你的端口号>).
  • Get the public link: Change the last sentence of the program todemo.launch(share=True). Note that the program must be running to be accessible via a public link.
  • Use on Hugging Face: Suggested in the upper right corner Copy Space Re-use, this can greatly reduce the queuing time, and the App will respond more quickly.

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installation method

local deployment

  1. download this item

    git clone
    cd ChuanhuChatGPT

    Alternatively, click the Download ZIPenter the folder after downloading and decompressing, enter终端or命令提示符.


  2. Fill in the API key

    Choose one of the following 3 methods:

    1. Fill in your API key in the GUI

    2. Fill in your OpenAI API key in the direct code

    3. Set the default key, username and password in the file

  3. install dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt

    If you get an error, try

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt

    If it still doesn’t work, pleaseInstall Python.

    If the download is slow, it is recommendedConfigure Tsinghua sourceor science online.

  4. start up

    If you get an error, try


    If it still doesn’t work, pleaseInstall Python.

If all goes well, you should now be able to type in your browser address bar http://localhost:7860 Check out and use ChuanhuChatGPT now.

If you encounter problems during the installation process, please check theTroubleshootingpart.

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