microfeed is a lightweight content management system (CMS) self-hosted on Cloudflare.with the help of microfeed, you can easily publish a variety of content such as audio, video, photos, documents, blog posts, and external URLs as Web, RSS, and JSON. This is the perfect solution for tech-savvy individuals who want to self-host their own CMS without running their own servers.

The microfeed is built with Listen Notes and hosted on Cloudflare’s Pages, R2, D1, and Zero Trust.

microfeeds make it easy for individuals to self-host their own feeds on Cloudflare, including but not limited to

  • podcast feed for audio
  • blog feed for posts
  • Instagram-like image feeds (eg,llamacorn.listennotes.com)
  • YouTube-like video feed
  • Personal sites with custom links (eg,wenbin.org)
  • Content Management Feed for External URLs
  • A marketing site with updates and news coverage (eg,microfeed.org)

The microfeed uses Cloudflare Pages to host and run code, R2 to host and serve media files, D1 to store metadata, and Zero Trust to provide logins to the admin dashboard.Cloudflare offers free usage quotas, making it an affordable solution for personal or small business use. While you still have to pay for the domain name, hosting microfeeds on Cloudflare is basically free.

microfeed provides a simple but powerful admin dashboard to easily add items to feedupload media files and customize web page styles; similar to WordPress.

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