In order to promote the development of the Web3 infrastructure ecology, the Web3 Infrastructure Foundation (W3IF for short) was established in Hong Kong in February 2023.

W3IF is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the development of open source Web3 infrastructure by bringing together high-quality open source projects from around the world. The foundation has set up an office in Hong Kong, which is managed by a governance committee, and major decisions are made through transparent committee voting. The foundation operates in accordance with the principles of openness, transparency and non-profit.

W3IF is jointly initiated by the three founding members of Flomesh, Starnet and HardenedVault. The following is an introduction to the three organizations:

  • As an open source software company focusing on network infrastructure technology, Flomesh will provide the Foundation with the network infrastructure required by Web3.
  • Starnet plans to contribute multiple high-performance decentralized network, storage and computing open source projects to the foundation.
  • HardenedVault is a company focused on open source infrastructure security, and plans to draft a node security specification through the foundation to benefit the entire community.

The establishment of the foundation aims to reduce the complexity that individual and enterprise users must face, and invite more individuals and institutions to participate in the construction of an open ecosystem of Web3 infrastructure.

The work of W3IF will involve the following:

  • Ecosystem construction: The foundation will promote the construction and development of the Web3 ecosystem, support open source agreements, development tools, developer communities and technical research.
  • Technology Research and Development: The foundation will support the research and development of Web3 technology, and promote the development of distributed computing, consensus mechanism, smart contract, privacy protection, node security and other technologies.
  • Community Building: The foundation will support community building and participation, and encourage users and developers to participate in the development, testing and use of Web3 infrastructure.
  • Ecological cooperation: The foundation will actively cooperate with other institutions and projects to jointly promote the construction and development of the Web3 ecosystem.

At the same time, the Web3 Infrastructure Foundation will also promote the research and application of next-generation data center technologies. Data centers are one of the core infrastructures of modern society, but there are many problems in traditional data centers, such as centralization, resource waste, and environmental pollution. The next generation of data center technology will achieve more efficient, sustainable and secure data processing and storage by using more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and decentralized technologies.

The Web3 Infrastructure Foundation will support and promote the development of next-generation data center technologies, and will also demonstrate its application and value in the Web3 ecosystem by conducting research and application cases.

The establishment of the Web3 Infrastructure Foundation will inject more power and resources into the development of the Web3 ecosystem, and at the same time promote the popularization and application of technology, build a bridge between the cypherpunk community and enterprises, and continue to explore and realize the vision of Web3. innovation.

Go to the W3IF official website for more information.

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