Orphic uses GPT to translate complex tasks into shell commands for execution on the system.

Note: Orphic defaults to safe mode and will not automatically execute unconfirmed commands unless unsafe mode is specified.


  • Make sure your system has rust and cargo.
  • cargo install orphic
  • Orphic requiresOPENAI_API_KEYSet environment variables.can be hereGenerate one.


Orphic is designed to provide the same experience as any other CLI tool.

$ orphic sort ~/Downloads into folders based on media type

$ orphic how strong is my network connection

$ orphic what version kernel am i running

$ orphic show me the name and size of all files larger than 8MB in ~/Downloads/

$ orphic <do task that would otherwise require complex commands that you don't know off the top of your head>

-uor--unsafeThe command will be executed without user authentication.

-4or--gpt4Will try to use GPT-4 instead of GPT-3.5-Turbo. Note that this only works if your OpenAI account has access to the model.

-ior--interpretThe output of the task will be described in natural language (note that this is usually slow).

$ orphic -u -i how much disk space is available
You have 16GB available out of a total of 113GB on your main hard 
drive, which is mounted on the root directory. 
Other partitions and file systems are also listed with their 
respective usage percentages and mount points.

-dor--debugRaw GPT text will be displayed along with regular output, even in unsafe mode.

$ orphic -u -d count the lines of rust code in this directory excluding /target/.
{"command": "find . -name target -prune -o -name '*.rs' -type f -print0 | xargs -0 wc -l"}
61 ./src/prompts.rs
     219 ./src/main.rs
     280 total

-ror--replOrphic will be started in the REPL environment.

$ orphic -u -r
orphic> when did i last login
wtmp begins Sat Mar 18 14:55
orphic> quit

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