DB3 Network is an open source decentralized firebase alternative, on which DB3 Network can quickly build complex decentralized data applications at low cost

In the absence of db3 network, if you want to build a complex decentralized data application, such as decentralized social networking, you have two options

  1. Use a centralized database architecture, such as using firestore or mongodb to store and read data
  2. Use Ethereum or other public chains to store data, use thegraph to index data, ensure data decentralization through the blockchain, and use thegraph to provide fast on-chain query functions

The first solution can easily develop complex applications, but because of the introduction of a centralized architecture, it will break the benefits of decentralization; the second solution can achieve true decentralization, but the development cost is very high, so in With db3 network, you can easily develop decentralized applications that not only guarantee decentralization, but also have complex data logic.

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