At the recent Github Universe 2022, GitHub launched two open source fonts, Mona Sans and Hubot Sans. In the introduction, GitHub said that although these two fonts are just two files, they have thousands of variations and unlimited possibilities.

Mona Sans:

A powerful and versatile font designed in Degarism inspired by the monsters of the industrial age. Mona Sans works great in product, web and print.

Hubot Sans:

Mona’s robotic sidekick, with more geometric elements that feel technical and specific, is perfect for headlines and quotes.

It can also be seen from the naming of the two fonts that the two fonts launched by GitHub are both sans-serif fonts, and the font style is more concise and modern. Sans-serif typefaces are now the most common typefaces, especially when viewed on lower-resolution monitors, without the potential for loss of fine detail like serifs.

Variable Fonts can incorporate different variations of a font into a single file and are supported by all major browsers, allowing fonts to perform well, and Mona Sans and Hubot Sans each have three variable options: Weights, widths and inclinations, by freely combining these options, users get thousands of different looks and endless possibilities.

Although the behavior of open source two fonts is very good, it must be said that it is already 2022, and Mona Sans and Hubot Sans still make it difficult to distinguish the difference between the letters “capital i” and “lowercase L”.


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