MiniLisp is aA Lisp interpreter written in 1000 lines of C that supports:

  • Integer, symbol, cons cells
  • global variable
  • local variable
  • Primitive functions such as +, =, < orlist,
  • user-defined function
  • macro system
  • garbage collector


MiniLisp has been tested on Linux x86/x86-64 and 64-bit macOS. The code is architecture-independent, so it should compile and run on other Unix-like operating systems.


MiniLisp comes with a comprehensive test suite. To run a test, give the “test” argument.

Language Features

MiniLisp is a traditional Lisp interpreter. It reads one expression at a time from standard input, evaluates it, and prints out the expression’s return value. Here is an example of valid input.

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