At the beginning of October last year, Linux 6.0 was officially released. At that time, the new version brought a lot of new features/functions, such as F2FS low memory mode, asynchronous buffered writing when using XFS and io_uring, support for RISC-V and AArch64 (ARM64 ) improvements to the hardware architecture, and new features and improvements to the Btrfs and OverlayFS file systems.

However, Linux 6.0 is not an LTS long-term support release, which means it will only receive maintenance updates and support for a few months. Now, with the update of 6.0.19 in the Linux 6.0.y series, the 6.0 series has also reached the end of life cycle, which is also the last stable version of the series.

The current 6.0.y series has been marked as EOL (End of Life) on the website.

Kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman said:

I hereby announce the release of the 6.0.19 kernel. Note that this is the last 6.0.y kernel release. Because this branch has now reached end-of-life, all users will need to move to the 6.1.y branch at this time.

Users who are still using the Linux 6.0 kernel series can upgrade to the latest Linux 6.1 series, which has been updated to version 6.1.5, and the 6.1 series is still a long-term support version with a longer update maintenance cycle.

Most rolling release Linux distributions such as Arch Linux or openSUSE Tumbleweed are already using the 6.1 series of kernel versions.

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