GNU founder Richard Stallman (RMS) has been writing a GNU C language study manual for some time in the past, and now he has released an announcement to officially disclose this result – GNU C Language Intro and Reference Manual (GNU C Language Intro and Reference Manual (GNU C Language Intro and Reference Manual) Manual), which covers GNU extensions to the C programming language.

This manual is written as a Texi file (which is not user friendly and requires format conversion) and is released under the GNU Free Documentation v1.3+ license.

Note: Texinfo (.texi) is a typesetting syntax, implemented by the computer program of the same name, and is the official document format of the GNU Project. It was invented by Richard Stallman and Bob Chassell and has many similarities with LaTeX syntax.

After conversion, the contents of the manual are as follows:

This manual explains the C language used with the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) on GNU/Linux systems and other systems. We call it GNU C. If you already know the C language, you can use it as a reference manual.

If you only know basic programming concepts but know nothing about the C language, then you can read this manual sequentially from the beginning to learn the C language.

If you are a beginner in programming, we recommend that you first learn aAutomatic garbage collectionand languages ​​without explicit pointers, rather than starting with C. Among the languages ​​worth choosing include Lisp, Scheme, Python, and Java. C’s explicit pointers mean that developers must be careful to avoid certain types of errors.

The manual can be found through this Git repository.

Compiled version:

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