Xubuntu is a Canonical-approved, community-maintained derivative of the Ubuntu operating system. The name Xubuntu is a combination of Xfce and Ubuntu, since it uses the Xfce desktop environment instead of Ubuntu’s GNOME desktop environment.

As the release of Ubuntu 23.04 draws closer, the Xubuntu team has also announced their next plans. Recently, developer Steve Langasek stated on the Ubuntu developer mailing list that Xubuntu plans to start with Ubuntu 23.04. In addition to Xubuntu Desktop, the Xubuntu team will also release a new official image-Xubuntu Minimal.

And Xubuntu Minimal (formerly known as Xubuntu Core) is a stripped-down version of Xubuntu that doesn’t have all the extras of a full modern desktop, basically just Xfce and the base Xubuntu, so it doesn’t come with many of the apps that the default Xubuntu ISO has Programs, Plug-ins and Libraries.And Xubuntu Minimal has been aunofficials project.

In the future, Xubuntu Minimal will be provided as a separate download. It is worth noting that its space occupation will be relatively small (about 600MB, and the complete installation image of Xubuntu 22.10 is about 2.8GB), so the download speed will be faster, and it can even be installed in In normal CD-ROM. It uses a text-based installer (no flashy installation bootstrap), requires an internet connection (since packages are downloaded on demand), and should have a much smaller footprint than Xubuntu Desktop after installation.

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