Google Chrome Security TeamAnnounce, Chromium will support the use of third-party Rust libraries from C++ in projects. They are currently actively looking to add a production-ready Rust toolchain to the Chromium build system in order to bring Rust code into Chrome binaries next year.

According to the size of Chromium’s project and its own needs, GoogleOnly third-party Rust libraries are supported for now, becauseThird-party libraries are written as independent components, they do not need to consider the underlying requirements of the Chromium implementation. This means they have APIs that are simpler and focused on their single task.

According to Google, their goal in bringing Rust to Chromium is toprovide a simpler(no IPC) andsafer(lower overall complexity than C++ and no memory safety bugs in the sandbox)way to satisfy both rules to speed up development(less code to write, less design docs, less security reviews),and improve Chrome security(Increase the number of lines of code without memory safety bugs, reduce the bug density of the code). They figured they could use a third-party Rust library to achieve this.

They also said that Rust, a programming language developed by Mozilla that provides security while also being high-performance, was originally designed to write browsers, so it is very appropriate that Chromium relies on this technology.

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