The year-end summary of the Dromara open source community with a total of 140K stars, please check

In the past year, everyone has witnessed the rapid development of the Dromara open source community. The current achievements of the community are inseparable from the joint efforts of community members💪, the hard work of open source project contributors in the community and reaching users, open source enthusiasts for your generous support, for which we are extremely grateful.

Next, let’s use the data to speak and see the growth of the community in 2022!

  1. Added donations to incubate 13 great open source projects, bringing the total number of projects under the community to 33.

  1. Added 6 new GVP (Gitee’s most valuable open source) projects, mendmix, go-view, electron-egg, open-capacity-platform, among which LiteFlow and HertzBeat are open source projects that grew up within the Dromara community and became GVP this year. At present, the number of GVP projects under the Dromara community has reached 15.

  2. On the Gitee platform, the Dromara community project has received a total of 84.2K star 🌟, and 28K Fork times, the correct unit is K haha.

  1. On the Github platform, the Dromara community project received a total of 60,801 stars ✨, and countless times of Fork (I’m lazy, anyway, there are many haha, if you don’t believe me, just click on a star).

  1. To say that the most popular open source project in the community is the Easy-Es community. The author is a Rocky bodybuilding certification. He has been in fitness for eight years, privately trained for 2 years, and coded for 5 years. If he has the spirit of self-sacrifice, he will take a welfare photo Take a wave of female fansold man. (PS: The excitement is theirs, I have nothing 😂)

  1. We also organized two live shows with Kaiyuan China. Bo Saidong and Tom told their open source stories. The open source story of Mr. Mao was very exciting. Nearly 3,000 people watched the first live broadcast. The most important thing is that there was no rollover. Of course, there will be more live shows in the community in the future, welcome to watch.

  1. We also won the 2022 Excellent Open Source Technology Team.

  1. Dromara community project Fast Request participated in the JetBrains China Live Event 🎡, excellent Respect.

  1. Community projects Forest, Hutool, Sa-Token won OSC [2022年度最火热中国开源项目社区]. UP UP UP!

  1. There are more events that the editor forgot but still have a dim memory of happened in Dromara in 2022. . . I will list it here first (a bit sleepy)

The project team under the community will also release countless versions in 2022. The open source community with tens of thousands of maintainers has answered and helped solve countless user problems. The number of installations, downloads, and citations are all tens of thousands Units count. All this is still happening right now.

2022 has come to an end, and we look forward to an even better 2023. Happy New Year to everyone here!


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