Kong is a scalable, fast, and open source microservices API gateway for managing, securing, and connecting hybrid and cloud-native architectures.

Currently Kong has released version 3.0.0, this major release adds a new router written in Rust, and a tracking API that is compatible with the OpenTelemetry API specification. Additionally, various internal changes have been made to improve Kong’s performance and memory consumption. As it is a major release, users are advised to review the changelist to determine if configuration changes are required when upgrading.

major changes

  • Blue-green deployment from Kong prior to 2.1.0 is not supported, upgrade to 2.1.0 or later and then upgrade to 3.0.0 for blue-green deployment. #8896
  • Deprecated/discontinued production of Amazon Linux (1) containers and packages (discontinued on December 31, 2020) #3966
  • Deprecated/discontinued production of Debian 8 “Jessie” containers and packages (discontinued June 2020) #766


  • The Kong pattern library’s process_auto_fields function will no longer make deep copies of data passed to it when the given context is “selection”. #8796
  • The deprecated shorthand fields in Kong Plugin or DAO schema have been removed and replaced by shorthand_fields or typed. #8815
  • Removed support for legacy = true/false attributes from Kong mode and Kong field mode. #8958
  • The deprecated alias Kong.serve_admin_api has been removed. If your custom Nginx template still uses it, change it to Kong.admin_content. #8815
  • The dataplane configuration cache has been removed and configuration persistence is now done automatically using LMDB. #8704

More content can be viewed in full CHANGELOG.

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