major update

  • [重大更新] The main business of the framework and the code generator complete the oracle postgres multi-database type support (middleware does not support it)

  • [重大更新] Use the spring event publishing mechanism to reconstruct the login log and operation log to support multi-event monitoring without intrusion extension

  • For example: You can add a listener to upload logs to storage such as ES, which has no effect on the original logic

Dependency Upgrade

  • update springboot 2.7.6 => 2.7.7

  • update springboot-admin 2.7.7 => 2.7.10

  • update dubbo 3.1.3 => 3.1.4

  • update seata 1.5.2 => 1.6.1 adaptation upgrade

  • update nacos 2.1.2 => 2.2.0 adaptation upgrade

  • update mybatis-plus 3.5.2 =>

  • update sa-token 1.33.0 => 1.34.0

  • update springdoc 1.6.13 => 1.6.14

  • update snakeyaml 1.32 => 1.33

  • update easyexcel 3.1.3 => 3.1.5

  • update redisson 3.18.0 => 3.19.1

  • update easy-es 1.1.0 => 1.1.1

  • update hutool 5.8.10 => 5.8.11

  • update aws-s3 1.12.349 => 1.12.373

  • update aliyun-sms 2.0.22 => 2.0.23

  • update tencent-sms 3.1.635 => 3.1.660

  • update echarts 4.9.0 => 5.4.0

feature update

  • update Optimize BaseMapperPlus Use MP V3.5.3 new tool class Db to simplify batch operation implementation

  • update optimize demo service filter health check sql print

  • update optimizes code generation to use the same primary key generator as the framework body to avoid problems globally

  • update Optimize system login Use single table query to verify users to avoid multiple join queries

  • update optimizes the adaptation framework and supports multiple databases to complete oracle postgres database adaptation (reason for abandoning sqlserver adaptation: basic middleware does not support it)

  • update optimizes and deletes useless data in the main sql

  • update optimizes and deletes useless parameters of vue3 templates

  • update optimizes and refactors ExcelUtil’s full export method to support OutputStream stream export is not limited to response

  • update optimizes the maven address and switches back to the aliyun warehouse

  • update Optimize the springdoc configuration authentication header hard-coded problem Add persistent authentication header configuration

  • update optimizes the actuator dependency and integrates it into the common-web module

  • update optimizes the captcha results to be automatically calculated using the spel engine

  • update optimize data permission processor variable naming error

  • update optimizes and removes useless inheritance of RedisUtils

  • update Optimize the problem of too much pop-up content and incomplete display

  • update optimize delete fuse invalid option maxPatternLength

  • update optimize minio installation warning use new version parameters

  • update optimizes the use of spring event release mechanism to reconstruct login log and operation log

  • update optimizes using the spring event mechanism to refactor OssConfig cache updates

  • update optimizes cell merging to determine whether cellValue is equal

  • update Optimize and adjust the execution order of gateway interceptors Prioritize xss filtering and then cache processing

new function

  • add Add GET request submission date parameter default formatting configuration

  • add Add RedisUtils method to check whether the cache object exists

  • add Add oracle postgres docker orchestration

  • add New code generator adapts to multiple databases and can switch to generate code

  • add Add oracle postgres database framework sql script

  • add Add DataBaseHelper database assistant for adapting to multi-type databases

  • add Add BeanCopyUtils#mapToMap method

bug fix

  • fix Fix the problem that the verification code switch on the registration page does not take effect

  • fix Fix the inconsistency between the new version dubbo-filter-seata plug-in kernel and seata (temporary)

  • fix Fix the problem of reporting null according to the key update parameter configuration

  • fix Fix user registration user type field writing error

  • fix Fixed the problem that the required fields cannot be verified when the code generates pictures/files/single selection

  • fix The expired cache configuration is not removed when modifying the parameter key name

  • fix Fix the problem of Intranet authentication Filter priority that causes websocket connection failure

  • fix Fix the problem that the gateway flow control rules take effect but do not display

  • fix Fix the compatibility problem with boot 2.X in the new version of Redisson

The 1.X version will stop maintenance together with SpringBoot 2.X (probably around December 2023)

  • springboot upgrade to 3.0

  • springcloud upgrade to 2022

  • springcloud alibaba upgrade to 2022

  • javax is replaced by jakarta

  • springdoc upgrade to 2.X

  • hutool upgrade to 6.X

  • mybatis-plus upgrade to 4.X

  • The docker base image is upgraded to java 17

  • Adapt to the new syntax of java 17

  • Use the maven plugin to unify the framework version number

  • The table structure creator and modifier fields are stored using ID

  • The table structure is added to create a department field

  • Increase the automatic echo of the creator and modifier ID (can be cached)

  • Simple multi-tenancy function (to lay the foundation for users to expand by themselves)

  • ~~ to be added

Platform introduction

RuoYi-Cloud-Plus 微服务通用权限管理系统 Rewrite RuoYi-Cloud all-round upgrade (not compatible with the original framework)

The project code and documents are open source, free and commercially available. Follow the open source agreement and keep the open source agreement file in the project.
Live and write until old Open source for interest Open source for learning Open source for everyone to really learn technology

Features use technology document address
current frame RuoYi-Vue-Plus Rewrite RuoYi-Vue all-round upgrade (not compatible with the original framework)
microservice branch RuoYi-Cloud-Plus Rewrite RuoYi-Cloud all-round upgrade (not compatible with the original framework)
single branch RuoYi-Vue-Plus-fast Monolithic Application Structure
Vue3 branch RuoYi-Vue-Plus-UI Since the components are not yet perfect, it is only for learning
original frame RuoYi-Vue Required features for regular sync
Front-end development framework Vue, Element UI
Backend Development Framework Spring Boot
container framework Undertow XNIO-based high-performance container
Authority Authentication Framework Sa-Token, Jwt Strong decoupling and strong expansion
relational database MySQL Adapt to 8.X minimum 5.7
relational database Oracle Compatible with 11g 12c
relational database PostgreSQL Adaptation 13 14
relational database SQL Server Adaptation 2017 2019
cache database redis Adapt to 6.X minimum 4.X
database framework Mybatis-Plus Fast CRUD increases development efficiency
database framework p6spy Stronger SQL Analysis
Multiple Data Source Framework dynamic-datasource Support master-slave and multi-type database heterogeneity
serialization framework Jackson Unified use of jackson is efficient and reliable
Redis client Redisson Support stand-alone and cluster configuration
Distributed current limiting Redisson Global, request IP, cluster ID multiple current limiting
distributed queue Redisson Ordinary queue, delay queue, priority queue, etc.
distributed lock Lock4j There are many kinds of note locks and tool locks
distributed idempotence Redisson Intercept duplicate submissions
Distributed Link Tracking Apache SkyWalking Link tracing, grid analysis, metric aggregation, visualization
Distributed Task Scheduling Xxl-Job High performance, high reliability and easy expansion
file storage Minio local storage
file storage Qiniu, Ali, Tencent cloud storage
SMS module Ali, Tencent send a text message
monitoring framework Spring Boot-Admin Full Service Monitoring
Validation framework Validation Enhance interface security and rigor to support internationalization
Excel frame Alibaba EasyExcel Excellent performance and strong scalability
document frame SpringDoc, javadoc No annotations, zero intrusion, based on java annotations
Tool Framework Hutool, Lombok Reduce code redundancy and increase security
Code generator Adapt to MP, SpringDoc standardization code One-click generation of front-end and back-end codes
Deployment method Docker One-click deployment of business clusters by container orchestration
globalization SpringMessage Spring Standard Internationalization Solution

Business functions

Features introduce
User Management The user is the system operator, and this function mainly completes the system user configuration.
department management Configure the system organization (company, department, group), and the tree structure display supports data permissions.
job management Configure the position that the system user belongs to.
menu management Configure the system menu, operation authority, button authority identification, etc.
role management Role menu permission assignment and setting roles are divided into data scope permissions according to the organization.
dictionary management Maintain some relatively fixed data frequently used in the system.
Parameter management Dynamically configure common parameters for the system.
announcement System notification announcement information release and maintenance.
operation log System normal operation log record and query; system abnormal information log record and query.
login log A system login logging query contains a login exception.
file management System file upload, download and other management.
timed task Online (add, modify, delete) task scheduling includes execution result logs.
code generation The generation of front-end and back-end codes (java, html, xml, sql) supports CRUD download.
system interface Automatically generate relevant API interface documents based on business codes.
service monitoring Monitor cluster system CPU, memory, disk, stack, online log, Spring related configuration, etc.
cache monitoring Query system cache information, command statistics, etc.
online builder Drag form elements to generate corresponding HTML code.
Connection pool monitoring Monitor the current system database connection pool status, and analyze SQL to find out system performance bottlenecks.
Use Cases Some functional examples of the system

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