ORM Bee Easy to use, small file size, good performance;Support Mongodb,support JDBC,also supports Android and Harmony.

Bee, a Java ORM tool in the new era of the Internet, is faster, simpler, more automatic, fast in development, fast in operation, and smarter!

V2.0.1.1 (2023 New Year’s Day)

13)mongodb ORM function
14)mongodb Sharding fragmentation function
15) In the SuidRich interface, adjust the parameter position of the specified query field in some methods, and change it to a variable length parameter
16) SuidRich interface adds a method to query the first record:selectFirst(T entity, Condition condition)

Other new features of V2.0:

V2.0.0.1001 (2022 National Day)
1) Object-oriented sharding
2) Suid, SuidRich, query, update fragmentation
3) MoreTable multi-table query fragmentation
4) Insert fragments in batches
5) MAX, MIN, COUNT, SUM, AVG fragmentation query fragmentation
6) Paging/sorting shards
7) Sharding type support: sub-database and sub-table, only sub-database, only sub-table
8) Fragmented routing types support: one database and one table, one database and multiple tables, multiple databases and multiple tables, all databases and tables, only specified tables, only specified libraries
9) Forcibly specify the shard routing of the current operation through Hint (specify ds and table)
10) Fragmented broadcast table
11) Sharding configuration support
12) Streaming query to reduce query memory usage

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Bee It is a simple, easy-to-use, powerful, fast development, and less coding JAVA ORM framework. Connections and transactions can be managed by the Bee framework. Bee simplifies the coding workload of interacting with DB, is The encoding complexity is O(1) Java framework!

Bee is simple and easy to use: single-table operation, multi-table association operation, you don’t need to write sql, and you can complete SQL operation with very few statements;simple concept 10 minutes to get started.
Bee is powerful:Complex queries also support the object-oriented method, and the performance of paged queries is higherthe first-level cache can support personalized optimization; it has distributed characteristics.For advanced requirements, it is also convenient to customize SQL statements.

Next feature preview:

What other functions do you want to add, please let us know in the comment area!

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