Karafka v2.0.26 is now released.Krafka is a framework for simplifying the development of Ruby applications based on Apache Kafka, which allows developers to use methods similar to standard HTTP conventions (params and params_batch) when consuming asynchronous Kafka messages. Karafka not only handles incoming messages, but also provides tools for building complex dataflow applications that receive and send messages.

The update content of this version is as follows:

  • [Feature] Allowed by settingactiveSet to false to disable the given theme. It excludes them from consumption, but allows them to define usage management API etc.
  • [Improvement] Terminate early when the last available offset of the requested time is reachedread_topicrunning.
  • [Improvement] introduce aquietstatus, indicating that Karafka is not only moving to quiet mode, but has actually reached quiet mode, and no further work will occur in any consumer groups.
  • [Improvement] Use the routes topics defined by Karafka as much as possible forread_topicManagement APIs.
  • [Improvement] introduceclient.pauseandclient.resumeinstrumentation hooks to track client topic partition pauses and resumes.In addition, it can also be used withconsumer.consuming.pauseTogether, they are used to track manual and automatic pauses and provide finer-grained consumer-related details.client.*Should be used for low level tracking.
  • [Improvement] WillLoggerListenerPause notifications are replaced with aclient.pauseinstead ofconsumer.consuming.pauseannouncement of.
  • [Improvement] expandLoggerListenerandclient.resumeNotice.
  • [Improvement] Replace the random anonymous subscription group with a stable one-time anonymous subscription group ID.
  • [Improvement] Add toconsumer.consume,consumer.revokeandconsumer.shutting_downNotify the event and move the revocation logic call to the policy.
  • [Change] Count the job queueprocessingkey renamed tobusy. No changes are required as the naming in the DataDog listener remains the same.
  • [Fix] Fix proctitle listener state change reporting new state.
  • [Fix] Make sure all files descriptors are turned off in the integration spec.
  • [Fix] Fix cases where empty subscription groups could leak into the execution flow.
  • [Fix] repairLoggerListenerreport so that it does not.Finish.
  • [Fix] Runs previously defined (if any) signal traps created before Karafka signal traps.

Update description: https://github.com/karafka/karafka/releases/tag/v2.0.26

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