AcademiX GNU/Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution developed specifically for educational purposes. The distribution is built on the Debian Linux (Stretch / Buster) distribution and includes free software for education. The software included in this distribution is suitable for all educational levels – from elementary school to university.

The AcademiX Linux distribution includes an installation tool that can be used to install various applications in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, statistics, electronics, radio, graphics, office, programming, and these applications are accompanied by virtual interactive experiments chamber, and a virtual microscope developed in partnership with NASA.

AcademiX GNU/Linux also has a dedicated section for teachers, allowing teachers to create a variety of articles and content for students to use and publish online. The installation tool offers over 150 educational programs that can be easily installed with just one click.

Some of these programs are specific to Debian, others are developed and used by various universities in the United States and Europe. The Mate-based desktop environment offers a good compromise between a low resource footprint and a modern and intuitive interface, so the distro can run smoothly on older computers still in use by different educational institutions.

Most of the educational software provided in this distribution is licensed under the GNU GPL or BSD license, so the end-user cost of AcademiX GNU/Linux is only reflected in ongoing maintenance and upgrades. The distribution is available either as a DVD Live or as a standalone operating system installed on a hard drive.

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