Fedora developers submitted a proposal to upgrade the Fedora 38 GCC toolchain, the main contents include: update the Fedora 38 GNU toolchain to gcc 13.0, binutils 2.39 and glibc 2.37. Existing gdb 12.1 will continue to be used as-is.

The core GNU toolchain package set for Fedora 38 is as follows:

  • GNU C Compiler 13.0
    • Related runtimes for C++ (libstdc++), Go (gccgo), OpenMP (gomp), Fortran (gfortran), D (phobos), Objective C/C++
  • GNU Binary Utilities 2.39
  • GNU C Library 2.37
  • GNU Debugger 12.1 (immediately available in Fedora 37)

GCC 13 is a major update that introduces Rust and Modula-2 language front ends, AMD Zen 4 “znver4” support, additional new CPU targets, various C and C++ language features added, and a host of other updates.

Binutils 2.39 and Glibc 2.37 are other core components of the GNU toolchain, and their latest versions will be released in April.

The developers who submitted the proposal believe that this will keep pace with the latest features, improvements, security and bug fixes of upstream gcc, glibc, binutils and gdb. The goal is to track and transition to the latest components of the GNU toolchain.

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