9moon12at the Global Virtualization Top Technology Summit KVM Forum superior,2022Global Enterprise of the Year KVM The Open Source Contribution List was officially released. Tencent Cloud became the only cloud vendor in China to be shortlisted for six consecutive years.

As the key underlying technology of cloud computing, cloud vendors need to useKVMVirtualize physical machines to provide pooled computing power in the cloud.asKVMThe most important and authoritative conference in the virtualization community,KVM Forum Global Enterprises Announced at the ConferenceKVMThe open source contribution list is a measure of theKVMAn authoritative list of technical strengths and open source contributions in the field.

Tencent Cloud contributed a total of this year81itempatchand the only Chinese enterprisecore breakthrough.Over the past six years, Tencent Cloud has made cumulative contributions280itempatchcore breakthrough10items, accounting for all the core breakthroughs of the conference20%.

Tencent CloudPEBS virtualizationProgram was ratedKVMCore Breakthrough of the Year

This year, the virtualization solution of the precise event sampling technology developed by Tencent Cloud was rated asKVMCore breakthrough of the year.

This solution, for the past virtualization environmentCPUThe pain point that software load data cannot be accurately quantified, not only solves the problemCPUThe problem of inaccurate matching of hardware performance events and software codes also greatly reduces the performance event sampling overhead, enabling code-level granular data collection, performance analysis, and bottleneck optimization.

At present, the core framework of this solution has been contributed to the open source community and has been widely tested by the industry. Based on a series of self-developed virtualization technologies, developers on Tencent Cloud have been able to track business performance changes in depth through real quantified code-level hardware performance data, discover and solve performance bottlenecks, optimize overall business execution efficiency, and reduce overall computing power cost.

In addition, Tencent Cloud also contributed two self-developed performance improvement solutions to the open source community.Among them, through the heuristic virtualization scheduling acceleration algorithm, the message delivery load performance in the large-scale virtual machine scenario is improved.30%;For databases, general networks, etc.IOIntensive business, iterative high-performance asynchronousIOframe(io_uring), proposed a new asynchronous technical solutionuringletmaking critical business and sensitive service response more timely.

As the earliest embrace in the country KVM Technology cloud computing vendor, Tencent Cloud from 2013 Full adoption of open source community-supported KVM technology;2014 Since 2009, Tencent Cloud Cloud Server CVM all based on KVM technical production, and in the same year began to KVM Community contributions. Over the years, Tencent Cloud has successively contributed many cutting-edge technologies such as hot migration, virtualization layer consumption reduction, and lightweight virtualization technology to the open source community.

asLinuxcore modules of the kernel,KVMTechnological breakthroughs in the field also mean that Chinese companies are moving upstream in the operating system community.

The relevant person in charge of Tencent Cloud said that in the future, Tencent Cloud will continue to embrace changes in the field of virtualization. On the one hand, it will solve various challenges encountered by Tencent Cloud online through continuous innovation and give feedback to the community. On the other hand, it will explore cloud computing. New technologies in the field, do a good job in the pre-research and accumulation of cutting-edge technologies, and unswervingly continue to make contributions to the virtualization open source community.

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