x-easypdf v2.11.1 release, 【fop module】Optimize table wrapping logic


x-easypdf is a framework based on the secondary packaging of pdfbox/fop. It currently has two modules:[pdfbox module]and[fop module].[pdfbox module]focuses on pdf editing function, and builds pdf in the form of components;[fop module]focuses on pdf export function, uses data source to convert xsl-fo template, and provides java object to build dom template Documentation, even if you don’t understand the syntax of xsl-fo at all, you can easily write the corresponding template by hand. The two modules can be used alone or in combination to help developers quickly generate pdf documents.

The content of this update is as follows:

New features:

Original changes:

  • The fop dependency version is upgraded to 2.8

  • The batik dependency version is upgraded to 1.16

  • The thymeleaf dependency version is upgraded to 3.1.0.RELEASE

  • The jte dependency version is upgraded to 2.2.4

Bug fixes:

  • [fop module]remove invalid attribute method

  • [fop module]Fix the error problem of freemarker data source loading resource path file

  • [fop module]Optimize the logic of table wrapping, and fix the problem that pure numbers exceed cells

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