Taro 3.5.11 is now released. Taro is an open cross-terminal cross-framework solution that supports the use of frameworks such as React/Vue/Nerv to develop applications such as WeChat/JD/Baidu/Alipay/ByteDance/QQ applet/H5.

The specific updates of this version are as follows:



  • Added createIntersectionObserver, createMediaQueryObserver API support


  • RichText component supports passing in other properties



  • Fix the problem of v-html missing component templates, fix #12973
  • Fix the error problem of independent subcontract template, fix #12995
  • Fix the problem of decorator syntax error, fix #13007


  • Fix the white screen problem caused by the Tabbar home page not being able to find the CurrentPage.path
  • Optimize Modal related display logic, fix #12507
  • Fix swiper component autoplay failure in circular mode
  • Remove the swiper component loopDestroy to avoid performance problems caused by rebuilding loops
  • Fix @tarojs/taro-h5 depends on sideEffects configuration, fix #13018


  • Upgrade react-native-maps dependency
  • Fix uploadFile return problem, consistent with request
  • Added unsupported createSelectorQuery API export to avoid loading failure
  • When multi-line text is in a single line, the height cannot be set lower than 35 fix #12862
  • Fix the low hit rate of some android models #12857


  • Upgrade @swc/core version to solve the problem of compiling error after link @tarojs/webpack5-runner
  • prebundle excludes mobx related dependencies
  • Update the default type export of vue to support non-native tag development type hints
  • Optimize prebundle-h5 packaging remote application module loading rules (inherited from the rules provided by webpack5)


  • Optimize useLoad / useDidShow hook type, fix @12983
  • Synchronous upgrade component type

Update instructions: https://github.com/NervJS/taro/releases/tag/v3.5.11

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