Mybatis-Plus is an enhanced toolkit for MyBatis that simplifies CRUD operations. Inject single-table SQL operation when starting to load XML configuration, which is born to simplify development work and improve productivity. Mybatis-Plus starts injecting non-intercepting implementation, with better performance, allowing you to focus on rapid and agile business development.

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upgrade log

  • Multi-tenant plug-in: the table name of multi-table join must be aliased, otherwise the additional filter conditions will not have a prefix

  • InterceptorIgnore cannot filter the selectKey problem

  • Add new pageinformix数据库support

  • Add new page优炫数据库support

  • Add new pageTDengine数据库support

  • Add new page亚马逊redshift数据库support

  • Support spring-boot 2.7 and above

  • Snowflake id adds anti-solution timestamp methodSequence#parseIdTimestamp

  • BaseMapper.selectCount generation statement is addedAS total

  • Fix IllegalSQLInnerInterceptor ClassCastException and optimize logs

  • remove commentOrderByobsolete attribute ofisDesc

  • removeTableInfoobsolete method

  • join inJoinTableInfoInitHandlerclass participationTableInfoinitialization

  • Fix StringUtils.sqlInjectionReplaceBlank method to filter incomplete sql, which may lead to sql injection

  • Add support for IService.lambdaQuery(entity), making writing more convenient

  • Added data change record (data audit) plug-inDataChangeRecorderInnerInterceptor

  • New query condition methods notLikeLeft and notLikeRight

  • Data permission multi-table parsing part processing optimization

  • Allow subclasses to override the basic method of orderBy gitee issues/I61F51

  • Add Db class, adjust SimpleQuery class

  • Added script automatic maintenance function

  • Added support for manual interceptor ignore strategies, such as InterceptorIgnoreHelper.handle(IgnoreStrategy.builder().tenantLine(true).build());

  • Support PG data field uppercase ID self-increment fixed issues/I4T0YJ

  • Code generator refactoring completed, merged back into MP core code base

  • The code generator adds a switch for whether to generate a service interface

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