Windows 11 users using the new closed betaFind, after clicking the user icon in the start menu, Microsoft added an “entrance” for promoting its own products in this panel – a text ad with an “orange dot” prompt. As shown below:

Previously, clicking on the user icon showed three options: change account settings, lock, and log out. Now Microsoft has embedded ads for its own products above these options. These options currently include: using OneDrive to back up files, using a Microsoft online account to log in to the system, and completing personal system configuration.

Some people said that they did not receive such a prompt, which means that Microsoft has turned on A/B testing for this “feature”. Perhaps Microsoft also plans to provide this “limited edition” feature only to some users.

Most users aren’t surprised that Microsoft is adding more and more ads to Windows.Because Microsoft has been using Windows systems to promote its own Edge browser.In the middle of the seamSuggestUser sets Edge as default browser.



It was mentioned that this kind of “orange dot” prompt in Windows 11 is not strictly an advertisement, but a reminder of unfinished items to do. However, in such a scenario, there seems to be no clear boundary between the two.

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