Shuyuan Third Street NFT is a stable, safe, compliant, and efficient digital collection system, suitable for enterprises/brands to develop digital collection platforms and NFT platform development; it mainly includes digital collection casting, distribution, airdrops, blind boxes, and mergers , trading, sharing, pre-sale and other related function development. Standardized products, already docked with BSN, Polygon, Ethereum, etc. Fast delivery. The back-end Java language is stable and reliable.

system structure

front end: Uniapp developers write a set of codes that can be published to multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Web (responsive), and various small programs and quick applications.

rear end:

  1. The Golang language, which has been widely praised for its running and compiling efficiency, improves the running efficiency of program threads and achieves high utilization of hardware resources.

  2. The program can run on different platforms and has no strong dependence on the OS.

  3. Use MQ middleware to decouple business logic to further improve concurrency and fault tolerance.

  4. In high-concurrency scenarios, we introduced Redis and implemented a caching mechanism to improve the efficiency of users’ access to programs.

  5. Use Redis to implement distributed locks to avoid overselling of products.


Winding: Docking with BSN, Polygon, etc., the collection is automatically uploaded to the chain after it is cast and released;

interface: SMS, real-name authentication interfaces, WeChat payment, Alipay, and other third-party payment platform interfaces;

Priority purchase: Users can be set to snap up collections in advance;

invite: Invite new users to get designated airdrops or collections;

Blind box: The content and probability of winning can be set;

synthesis: Large picture synthesis gameplay, synthesis of rare collections;

airdrop: Airdrop to designated users, support single and batch airdrops.

background function

Background Home: Operational statistics, user data statistics, NFT issuance statistics, NFT sales statistics, etc.;

Collection release: NFT digital collection issuance & management functions;

Product shelves: NFT digital collection product sales shelf management function;

Airdrop management: Release and management functions of digital collection airdrop activities;

Composition Management: Digital collection synthesis rule setting and management functions;

Blind box management: Digital collection blind box release setting and management functions;

Merchant Management: The configuration and management functions of merchants on the platform;

User Management: Account viewing and management functions for registered users & administrators of the platform;

Order Management: Management functions for digital collection transaction orders that have been put on the shelves;

Audit list: Platform administrators can audit and manage some sensitive operations of merchants;

Ad configuration: Configure and release advertising management functions such as the home page, collection details page, and discovery page;

System Configuration: System custom configuration features.

System Demonstration

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