Kdenlive is an open source non-linear video editor based on the MLT framework, KDE and Qt, focusing on flexibility and ease of use. The project was originally developed by Jason Wood in 2002 and is now being developed by a small team of developers. Today it is part of the official KDE project.

The new version completely revises the whole Guide/Marker system. The new “Guides” dock can be used to find, search, sort and filter all Guides and Markers.

Kdenlive 22.12 also improves support for Glaxnimate integration. It now sends the content of the timeline to Glaxnimate (requires version >= 0.5.1), which is then displayed as a background.

Other changes in Kdenlive 22.12 include:

  • new “Remove All Spaces After Cursor” and “Remove All Clips After Cursor” option.
  • Displays the hamburger menu (‘≡’ icon) in the toolbar when the menu bar is hidden
  • More explanatory text in tooltip when Shift is pressed
  • Custom cache size limit
  • Cleaned up the software configuration page
  • Preliminary Qt6 and KDE Frameworks 6 support
  • New Pixabay Video Suppliers
  • Added option to disable countdown for audio capture
  • Add Pipewire as SDL output

More details can be found at: https://kdenlive.org/en/2022/12/kdenlive-22-12-released/

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