Transmission 4.0.0 has released its first beta version. The announcement reads that this version has been actively developed for over a year since the 3.0 release, contains numerous changes, and has more than 1,000 commits.

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Transmission is an open source BitTorrent client that supports macOS, Windows and Linux platforms. It is characterized by a simple and beautiful interface, fast speed, light weight, privacy protection, and many other rich functions.

major changes

Optimize resource usage:Less memory footprint and lower CPU cycles

  • This release includes extensive code analysis and improvements to fix inefficient code and memory usage. Compared to 3.00, CPU cycles and memory footprint are reduced by 50% and 70% respectively
  • Remote control GUI (transmission-qt & transmission-web) now uses RPC API “table” mode, which reduces payload/bandwidth usage
  • RPC payloads are now compressed using libdeflate, which is highly optimized and much faster than the zlib library

The community is more active:Significantly faster response to bug feedback and code submissions

  • Transmission responds much faster to bug feedback and code submissions than in the past
  • Attracted a new batch of contributors
  • Transmission 4.0.0-beta.1 includes over 300 new community commits (click here to view)
  • Documentation has been migrated totransmission/transmissioncontributors can submit PRs to improve it

Use modern code:Rewrite in C++

  • Project code has been migrated from C to C++. In the process, the team removed thousands of lines of custom code and switched to standard C++ tools, reducing the core code size by 18%.In addition, through extensive refactoring of the core code repository to make it more testable and maintainable
  • GTK client ported to gtkmm
  • The web client has been rewritten in modern JavaScript and no longer uses jQuery. The full gzip package size is 68K
  • Unit tests have been extended and ported to Google Test. Clang sanitizer builds run during CI
  • The core library has been fuzzed
  • Transmission now uses Sonarcloud, Coverity, LGTM and clang-tidy static analysis for new code. Fixed hundreds of code warnings compared to Transmission 3.00.

Other new features

  • Support for BitTorrent v2 torrents and hybrid torrents
  • Support settings can be used to announce a “default” tracker for all public torrents
  • Newly added torrents can start immediately and verify fragments on demand without the need for full verification before starting seeding
  • Added option to omit potentially identifying information such as user agent and creation date when creating a new torrent
  • Rewritten web client to work on mobile devices
  • Specifying a block size is now supported when creating a new torrent
  • Support IPv6 block list
  • As of 4.0.0-beta.1, Transmission uses semver for version control

See the release note for details.

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