GNOME 43.5 is generally released as the fifth maintenance update in the stable GNOME 43 series.

GNOME 43.5 has brought some changes, the more important ones are support for 32:9 aspect ratios, improved display order in the display panel in settings, and reduced memory bandwidth usage for some GPUs in Mutter.

GNOME 43.5 also updates Epiphany Browser (GNOME’s web browser) to version 43.1, which adds the ability to copy URLs from the address bar, hides bookmark asterisks in application mode, and prevents autofill in sandboxed environments cipher, also addresses the CVE-2023-26081 vulnerability in version 43.0 and earlier.

GNOME Boxes virtualization software now supports OVF as a recognized installation media format, better handles raw image import, correctly parses IEC unit input, and uses mime types when validating OVA files in 43.4.

GNOME Shell (43.4), GNOME Software (43.5), Mutter, Epiphany, and Nautilus also have some minor memory leak fixes, as well as various language translation and other bug fixes.

In terms of other major version updates, GNOME 44 has been officially released, and GNOME 42.10 has also been released as the last maintenance update of the GNOME 42 series, and has now entered the EOL stage.

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