Before a major version is released, the Debian project usually holds a selection of wallpaper works, allowing artists to design wallpaper themes for the new version of the operating system, and then finally selects a work through voting. However, for the Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”, which is expected to be officially released in the summer of 2023, they did not carry out such a selection activity, but directly decided to use the work created by Juliette Taka again.

Maybe everyone is not very familiar with Juliette Taka, but she has beenrepeatedlyCreated wallpapers for Debian GNU/Linux. The most recent one is the previous big version – Debian 11 “Bullseye”‘s “Homeworld” wallpaper. Going back, you will find that the wallpapers of Debian 8 and 9 are also from her hands, plus this time directly appointed Debian 12 wallpaper design, Juliette Taka has almost become a Debian “queen” designer (the Debian 10 wallpaper in the middle is designed by Alex Makas).

Juliette Taka’s work for Debian 12 is called “Emerald” and will be the default theme for Debian 12. This work will appear on home screen wallpapers, login screens, installers, Plymouth splash screens, GRUB bootloaders, Syslinux / Isolinux, and even pages on websites, blogs and wikis.

In the design concept of wallpaper, Juliette Taka said:

Whether elegantly polished and chiseled, or pristine in its natural state, gemstones can take an infinite number of shapes. With the Emerald theme, I wanted to combine light and minerals for a clean, almost ethereal design.

You can see examples of the use of Juliette Taka’s work in various scenarios on this page, and you can also download it in advance and set it as the current Debian GNU/Linux wallpaper. Users who need SVG files can visit Juliette Taka’s GitHub page to find the corresponding files.

As for Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”, it may feature the long-term supported Linux 6.1 kernel series, enable dynamic triple buffering, make PipeWire the default audio server, include Windows 11 detection for dual-boot users, Support for new ARM and RISC-V devices, more features and improvements may not be revealed until 2023.

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