Wenda: A large-scale language model calling platform. Currently, it supports self-built knowledge base search under chatGLM-6B, chatRWKV, chatYuan and chatGLM-6B models.

  1. Currently supported models:chatGLM-6B,chatRWKV,chatYuan.
  2. Knowledge base automatic lookup
  3. Support parameter online adjustment
  4. supportchatGLM-6B,chatRWKVStreaming output and interrupts during output
  5. Automatically save the conversation history to the browser (multiple users will not conflict when using it at the same time)
  6. Dialogue history management (delete single entry, clear)
  7. Support local area network, intranet deployment and multi-user simultaneous use. (Intranet deployment needs to manually switch the front-end static resources to local)
  8. When multiple users are using at the same time, it will automatically queue up and display the current user.

Setup and Preset Functions

Use of preset functions

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