Eclipse 4.26 (2022-12) has been generally released.

update highlights

JDK 19 / Java 19 Officially GA.Eclipse JDT provides support for Java 19 in 4.26.

This release supports the following Java 19 features:

Note that these Java 19 features above are still in preview.

  • Introduce new help function for class

Refactor > Extract Local Variable The Extract Local Variables refactoring provided in has been improved to recognize cases where adding a local variable might cause a NullPointerException because it is before the code that checks for null. In these cases, the positioning of the local variable is changed, so the null check happens before the variable declaration.

For example, in the class below, the String length() method is called after verifying that the String variable is not null.

if we choose s. length() Called and optionally extracted to a local variable to replace all occurrences, the result is:

Click here for details.

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