On September 15, the open source operating system community OpenCloudOS announced the release of the second community stable version of OpenCloudOS 8.6.

The OpenCloudOS 8.6 version adopts a more flexible graphical installation method, supports custom partitioning and file system selection for business scenarios, supports the selection of multiple international languages, supports the selection and installation of software groups in various scenarios, and supports automatic scripts. Write automated installation, basically covering the general requirements of server scenarios.

OpenCloudOS 8.6 is independently developed and designed based on Linux kernel version 5.4 and supports multi-computing architecture. Its core capabilities such as stability, security, compatibility and performance have been fully verified for a long time. As a reliable enterprise-level server Linux distribution, users can directly deploy and apply OpenCloudOS 8.6 to production systems as needed, reducing users’ system operating costs.

Major update

01 Safety

  • SELinux, the fapolicyd framework, and Policy-Based Decryption (PBD) for automatically unlocking LUKS encrypted hard drives support the SAP HANA database management system.

  • The package for fapolicyd has been upgraded to upstream version 1.1. Among other improvements, new rules.d/ and trust.d/ directories, the fagenrules script, and new options for the fapolicyd-cli command are now available.

  • The OpenSSH server now supports plug-in configuration files.

  • The pcsc-lite package has been re-based on upstream version 1.9.5 with many enhancements and bug fixes.

  • The newly added –checksum option to the semodule command can now be used to verify the version of the installed SELinux policy module.

  • The SCAP Security Guide (SSG) package has been reset to upstream version 0.1.60 and the OpenSCAP package has been reset to upstream version 1.3.6.

02 Dynamic programming languages, web and database servers

Updated versions of the following components are now available as new module streams:

Compiler and other toolchains are upgraded to GCC Toolset 11,LLVM Toolset 13.0.1,Rust Toolset 1.58.1,Go Toolset 1.17.7

  • GCC Toolset 11

  • LLVM Toolset 13.0.1

  • Rust Toolset 1.58.1

  • GoToolset 1.17.7

03 Kernel

  • Fixed the use after free problem when tcp free skb, the virtio length problem, the virtio-net XDP queues problem, the Feiteng architecture acs problem, and the interruption of distribution failure.

  • bpf supports the nettrace function, which allows developers to track the cause of network packet loss through bpf (the kernel also rounds related packet loss trace points).

  • The sli active monitoring function is supported, allowing performance monitoring indicators to be set through the sli interface, and the kernel will actively notify when a performance problem is detected, thereby reducing the periodic monitoring overhead of user-mode components.

  • The cgroup thp function is supported. This function can control the thp usage status of all processes in a container, allowing users to enable thp at the container granularity.

problem management

OpenCloudOS bug tracking system: https://bugs.opencloudos.tech/

source code

All OpenCloudOS 8 source code is hosted on gitee:

download link

To download OpenCloudOS V8.6, please visit:

Official website address: https://www.opencloudos.org/

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