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The cloud-native operation and maintenance platform SREWorks of Alibaba’s big data SRE team has accumulated the team’s SRE engineering practice tempered by internal business for nearly 10 years, adhering to the “data-based, intelligent” operation and maintenance concept, and helping more practitioners in the operation and maintenance industry to adopt “Digital intelligence” thinking to do a good job in efficient operation and maintenance.

What is SREWorks?

In 2003, Google proposed a position called SRE (Site Reliability Engineer), which is a combination of software engineers and system administrators. It attaches great importance to the development capabilities of operation and maintenance personnel, and requires daily chores of operation and maintenance to be within 50%. , and the other 50% focus on developing automation tools to reduce manpower requirements.

SREWorks, as the engineering practice of the SRE concept by the Alibaba Cloud big data SRE team, focuses on an application-centric one-stop “cloud-native” and “digital intelligence” operation and maintenance SaaS management suite, providing enterprise application & resource management and operation and maintenance Develop two core capabilities to help enterprises realize the delivery, operation and maintenance of cloud-native applications & resources.

The Alibaba Cloud big data SRE team is naturally close to big data and AI, is very familiar with big data & AI technology, and has big data & AI computing power resources that can be used at any time. It has been striving to implement “data-based” and “intelligent” operations The concept of dimensionality, DataOps (data-based operation and maintenance) in the industry was first proposed by the team. SREWorks has a set of end-to-end DataOps closed-loop engineering practice, including standard operation and maintenance data warehouse, data operation and maintenance platform, operation center, etc.

In the field of traditional IT operation and maintenance, there are already a large number of excellent open source operation and maintenance platforms. In contrast, in cloud-native scenarios, there is still a lack of systematic operation and maintenance solutions. With the advent of the general trend of the cloud-native era, the Alibaba Cloud Big Data SRE team has open-sourced the SREWorks O&M platform, hoping to provide O&M engineers with an out-of-the-box O&M platform.

What are the advantages of SREWorks?

Returning to the requirements in the field of operation and maintenance, no matter how the upper-level products and business forms change, the essence of operation and maintenance is to solve the related requirements of “quality, cost, efficiency, and safety”. SREWorks uses an operation and maintenance SaaS application interface to support the above requirements, and at the same time uses the “digital intelligence” idea as the core to drive SaaS capabilities, including six parts: delivery, monitoring, management, control, operation, and service.


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