Super knob is a super knob based on ESP32 and brushless motor. This project is based on a foreign open source project: smartknob

I decoupled the knob part of the brushless motor, and matched different bases by magnetic attraction to realize various application scenarios. At the same time, I designed a set of protocols for the interaction between the knob and the base, which can be used for different scenarios. Different tactile experiences can even simulate different tactile and damping feedbacks under different operations in the same scene. Similar to the mechanical touch simulation of linear motors in smartphones for different applications or pages.

At the same time, the inspiration of the magnetic suction comes from DJI’s Action2 cube camera. You can pair the knob with different peripherals for magnetic suction. After the development is stable, it is planned to use CNC to process the metal shell to match the magnetic suction to achieve the most comfortable experience.

For example: when the same knob component is magnetically attracted to the base of the central control of the Internet of Things, the corresponding UI interface will automatically pop up, and at the same time, it can control the smart furniture, and when the brightness of the console light and the temperature of the air conditioner will bring different knob touches feedback.

For example: when the same knob assembly is magnetically attracted to the PC knob base, it can be transformed into a super knob of the PC. You can use it to turn pages, shortcut keys, switch applications, adjust volume and brightness, as long as you like it. Configure different damping feedbacks for these functions respectively.

By decoupling the knob part and matching different bases, you can control everything, and the tactile and damping senses are different. This is what ordinary mechanical knobs cannot bring!

Directory Structure

1.Firmware firmware code platform is platformIO

2. Hardware PCB related files

3.Model 3D model file, the software is SolidWorks

4.Super Knob Submodules, maybe more will be added

Docs Image Resources

Tools font library and other tools

Design Sketch


Functional Architecture


UI interface demo


3D model (first version)


Improved version:


Compatible with 2804 motors:




Super knob Lite is a mini version that has been optimized and reduced based on the version of Super knob. The overall appearance is based on the design of the expansion module on the left side of the keyboard of Zhihui Jun. After seeing the video released by Zhihui Jun that day, I picked up the vernier caliper and the motor. Started the design, completed it in a few hours, and drew the PCB verification overnight, and the proofing passed! Homage to an idol that has always inspired us to learn new things.

Please switch the firmware code to the develop/super_knob_lite branch I am still optimizing ing

git fetch

git pull

git checkout develop/super_knob_lite

Motor selection

The project has been adapted to the 2804 motor and can be purchased normally. It seems that the supply is sufficient at present, and a radial magnet ring is also required.


2804 Motor Taobao link: link address


Radial magnet Taobao link: link address


Acrylic shell magnetic attraction small magnet (diameter 3 thickness 2): link address

Regarding the buttons on the left, it is actually realized through the TouchGPIO of ESP32. The GPIO is drawn from the PCB and runs through the motor to the left, and the corresponding feedback can be obtained by touching the finger. At the same time, the motor will also simulate vibration to achieve the effect of mechanical buttons.

Video demo:

Functional demo:

Detailed introduction and development guidance:

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