LineageOS 20 has been officially released. LineageOS 20 is based on Android 13 and incorporates April-December 2022 security patches.

major changes

  • WebView updated to Chromium 108.0.5359.79
  • Complete rewrite of the volume panel introduced in Android 13, changing it to a side pop-up expansion panel
  • Many fixes and improvements to the fork of the AOSP Gallery app
  • Android TV builds now come with an ad-free Android TV launcher
  • adb_rootServices are no longer tied to build type properties for better compatibility with many 3rd party root systems
  • LLVM is fully accepted, builds now default to using LLVM bin-utils and optionally LLVM integrated assembler

There is one more noteworthy change in this release:Adopt Aperture with the new default “camera” app.

According to reports, due to technical reasons, LineageOS 19 uses the camera application Camera2 that comes with AOSP, but the camera experience of Camera2 is very poor, and it cannot meet the needs of ordinary users. So the team plans to fix this issue in LineageOS 20. It just happened that CameraX was stable enough at this time, so they replaced Camera2 with CameraX and built Aperture based on CameraX.

Aperture implements several functions that Camera2 lacks, such as:

  • Support auxiliary lens mode
  • Support video frame rate control
  • Settings for EIS Electronic Image Stabilization and OIS Optical Image Stabilization
  • Spirit level for checking device orientation angle

The new version also provides support for more new devices, see Changelog for details.

LineageOS is a free, free, open-source fork of Android for smartphones and tablets. It is the successor to the popular custom ROM CyanogenMod.

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