1. About smart-mqtt

smart-mqtt is an MQTT Broker service developed in java language, and it is also the first truly IoT-oriented solution under the smartboot organization. It aims to help enterprises quickly build stable and reliable IoT services at a lower cost, and facilitate the interconnection of all things.

2. Quick start

2.1 Jar package startup

Download address: https://gitee.com/smartboot/smart-mqtt/releases/tag/v0.9

java -jar smart-mqtt-broker-community-0.9.jar

2.2 docker start

docker run -d --name smart-mqtt -p 1883:1883 smartboot/smart-mqtt:latest

3. Update content 🎉

3.1 Community Edition

  • Read buffer size adjustment is parameterized.
  • The default value of CONNECT_TIMEOUT is adjusted to 5 seconds
  • The MQTT message output function is adjusted to the specific implementation class of the MqttWriter interface to adapt to the mqtt-over-websocket scenario.
  • Fix the null pointer problem caused when unsubscribe an unsubscribed topic.
  • The configuration file is adjusted to yaml format.
  • Plugin services support prioritization.

3.2 Enterprise Edition

  • Added message bridging plug-in, which is now implemented mqtt-bridge-mqtt. And through this technology, a smart-mqtt broker cluster across the public network was successfully built.

  • Added new features of mqtt-over-websocket.

4. Documentation 📘

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