In February this year,The open-source database MariaDB Inc. has completed $104 million in Series D funding,andexpressPlans to become a public company with the help of Angel Pond Corporation.

On December 19, MariDB Corporation announced that it has officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MRDB ) through its merger with SPAC company Angel Pond Holdings. The official name of the company was changed to “MariaDB plc”, becoming a new generation cloud database company.

MariaDB’s listing method is quite special. They will enter the public market through a SPAC company called Angel Pond, rather than the traditional IPO method. Essentially, a SPAC is a shell company that raises capital, lists it on a stock exchange, and then acquires a private company with the goal of turning the acquired private company into a public company while avoiding the traditional IPO process.

MariaDB is the father of MySQL Michael Widenius The open source database created by some of the original developers is a branch of MySQL and maintains a high degree of compatibility with MySQL.

MariaDB’s official press release mentions that MariaDB’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) in fiscal year 2022 exceeds $50 million and has more than 600 customers in more than 60 countries.

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