Restful Fast Request is an IDEA plugin similar to Postman. It is a powerful restful api toolkit plug-in that can help you quickly and automatically generate urls and params based on existing methods. Restful Fast Request = API debugging tool + API management tool + API search tool. It has a nice interface to fulfill requests, check server responses, store your api requests and export api requests. Plugins help you debug your API faster and more efficiently within the IDEA interface.

Fast Request forSimplify API debuggingborn

Listen to the voice of users and constantly improve ourselves,The main content of this Fast Request update is as follows:

new function,optimization item,repair item

  • Compatible with IDEA2022.2.4
  • Global animation configuration
  • Multiple cookie value error
  • Navigation Navigate tab loading error

Global animation configuration

Developers can turn off the global animation here, if turned off, the icon will no longer move

2022.2.8 Section

  • Automatically adapt to download
  • @RequestParam supports name parsing
  • Check for update error

Download file adaptation

When the response is addedcontent-disposition:attachmentclick send to automatically adapt to download

Please click ————-> here

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