According to reports, since the outbreak of Covid-19, the “job burnout” of software developers has reached a tipping point. A recent study by Haystack Analytics, a firm that studies engineer productivity, found that 83% of software developers experience “burnout.”The company explained that the main reason for this problem isHigh workload (47%), inefficient processes (31%), and unclear goals and metrics (29%).

Burnout(also known as “job burnout”, “job burnout”; Job burnout), including
failure(exhaustion, depletion of psychological resources, lack of passion and motivation, exhaustion of energy),
depressed(negative emotions) and
snub(cynicism), the three will reduce professional efficiency.

More precisely defined, “burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical fatigue caused by chronic and excessive stress.” Emotional burnout refers to the depletion of emotional resources from which neglect emerges; neglect manifests itself as apathy and distance from work, while reduced professional effectiveness refers to a lack of satisfaction with past/present expectations.

— from Wikipedia

The popularity of telecommuting in recent years has enabled companies to increase productivity in most cases, and some even predict that total productivity will increase by 17% in the next two to three years. 92% of businesses expect to see further savings over the next two to three years.

However, data from Haystack Analytics shows that the moves companies are taking to maintain or increase productivity during the Covid-19 pandemic have not been friendly to developers. They found that 83% of software developers feel “burned out.” The main reason for this problem is the increased workload. They also cited other reasons, such as inefficient processes (31%) and unclear goals (29%). The study also revealed that 83 percent of developers are concerned about the reliability of software in their workplace, with 20 percent of them primarily concerned with the reliability of the software itself.

Haystack Analytics says software developer burnout is far worse than they thought when they designed the study. This has raised serious concerns about the quality of software that plays an important role in everyday life and critical national infrastructure.

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