In this Elementor tutorial for beginners, I’ll walk you through every single step of creating a beautiful new WordPress website — with ZERO coding! Elementor is by far my favorite way of creating a website for any business, portfolio or personal project, just because of how easy it is to master.

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Intro & Overview 00:00
Webhosting & Domain Name 01:08

Basic WordPress Setup
Wordpress Installation 03:50
Wordpress Dashboard Overview 04:35
Wordpress User Setup 05:03

Install Elementor
Install Plugin 05:45
Elementor Website Templates 06:45

Building Website
Choosing Website Template 07:30
Elementor Overview 08:30

Building Homepage 11:48
Making Homepage Responsive 47:17

Customize About Page 50:10
Making About Page Responsive 56:53

Customize Services Page 57:54
Making Services Page Responsive 01:03:25

Customize Contact Page 01:04:05
Making Contact Page Responsive 01:06:50

Customize Header & Footer 1:11:00

So that’s how you physically bring a website to life. But what should go ON your website exactly??
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