Microsoft has previously released Power BI components for React and Angular, which enable two well-known front-end frameworks to use various Power BI features directly in the web applications that leverage them. Now Microsoft has made persistent efforts to introduce Power BI components for another well-known framework, Vue.js. So far, none of the three front-end frameworks have been left behind.

With the launch of the Power BI component for Vue.js, developers can now take advantage of the benefits of a data analytics platform by embedding reports, dashboards, Q&A, and more in their Vue apps, and provide end-to-end functionality Provide users with a richer user experience. For developers, this component can also save a lot of time and effort and focus on the core functionality of the application.

The component is currently publicly available to web developers on npm and GitHub. If developers have any feedback and feature suggestions, they can be found in the GitHub repository and Microsoft Power BI Embedded Analytics Ideas forumSubmit on.

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