Loongson Zhongke announced that the OpenHarmony operating system and the Loongson 2K0500 development board have completed the adaptation verification, and the LoongArch platform has formed preliminary support for OpenHarmony.

▲ Loongson 2K0500 development board

Loongson 2K0500 is a highly integrated processor chip based on 64-bit LA264 processor core design. It is mainly for industrial control Internet applications, printing terminals, BMC and other application scenarios. It can realize low power consumption such as ACPI, DVFS/DPM dynamic power management It supports a variety of power levels and wake-up methods, and can tailor some functions and high-speed interfaces of the chip according to specific application scenarios.

According to reports, in order to promote the adaptation of Loongarch chips to the OpenHarmony system, in April this year, Loongson Zhongke, Runhe Software, Wisdom, and Loongson Club initiated the establishment of the OpenHarmony LoongArch SIG.

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