AI is now more and more capable in speech recognition, speech translation, etc., but AI’s lack of recognition of human emotions and perception changes is also a limitation of its existence. Therefore, most AI can only recognize literal meaning and cannot perceive To the sarcasm, counterpoint, flattery, etc. behind the words.

However, Meta’s latest public AI technology shows that AI can compete with human players in strategic negotiation games and perform better than the average human.

Diplomacy (Power Diplomacy) is a classic board game designed by Allan B. Calhamer in 1959, which belongs to the type of war chess and negotiation games. Its main difference from most board wargames is its negotiation phase, in which players spend most of their time forming alliances with other players or betraying them in order to form a strategy to their advantage. As a result, the game has a high level of interaction and diplomatic depth.

Diplomacy is a very difficult challenge for AI, and for AI to win, it needs to understand both the rules of the game effectively and fundamentally understand human interaction, deceit, and cooperation. Therefore, AI needs to have extremely high human-level understanding and language proficiency. The CICERO launched by Meta recently broke the public’s original cognition to a certain extent. It is an artificial intelligence that is good at diplomacy and negotiation skills, and can conduct strategic reasoning.

Between August 19th and October 13th, 2022, CICERO played 40 games and ranked in the top 10% of participants who played more than 1 game; participation in 5 or more games Among them, CICERO ranked second; in all 40 matches, Cicero’s average score was 25.8%, more than double the average of 12.4% of its 82 opponents.

Meta says:

For decades, Diplomacy has been viewed as a major near-impossible challenge in AI because it requires players to understand the motivations and perspectives of others; formulate complex plans and adjust strategies; and then use natural language to come to an agreement with others, convincing them to establish partnerships and alliances etc.

Research has shown that CICERO’s ability to converse with other players in natural language is so effective that other players in Diplomacy prefer to ally themselves with the AI ​​rather than with other human players.

CICERO pushes artificial intelligence a step further, using reasoning and natural language processing to create assistants that work with individuals. But currently CICERO can only be used to play Diplomacy games.

Currently Meta has open-sourced CICERO’s code on GitHub, but because the technology can be used to impersonate a human and, depending on context, deceive humans in potentially dangerous ways, Meta hopes that researchers will build its code “in a responsible manner” to promote this project.

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